The New Definition Of Exercise

The lifestyle of this modern era in which everything is fast from a cellphone to internet. Even our food is fast as well. The sugary drinks,dizzy lifestyle. In all these , finally the word Fittnes has one again resufarced itself. As the datas are showing that obesity has increased a lot at the same time on the other hand people are becoming health and fitness conscious. Spontaneously, this fitness orientation has open the new opportunities and fields for those who have interest and have knowledge in this field .

Many colleges across the country are giving these courses which is destroying the myths that fitness is just about going gym for muscle building , weight loss or for showoff , to keep you away from disease. But now from starting students have taught that fitness is a way to live your life healthy or this is the way for sustainable life.

One of the institutions who is providing the courses related to this field , is the Indian Institute of Sports Medicine (IISM) which is founded by Dr. Kannan Pugazhendi in Chennai. He was a sport physician. It affiliated to the Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Janaki University, the institute hs introduced the needed course in for this field in very short time period.

“Disturbing figures of lifestyle disease population in urban and rural was the single foremost reason for IISM to establish these courses,” said Dr. Kannan. “Inappropriate medical and surgical interventions are avoided by the IISM professionals, and continue to produce desirable results in the same field through optimal exercise intervention.” he added.

Sujatha Pugazhendi who is the managing trustee of IISM said “A few years ago, people assumed that only sports-related injuries would warrant a visit to a doctor specialising in sports medicine. Today, due to awareness, people understand that sports medical practitioners cater to everyone — anyone who is engaged in any physical activity can visit such practitioners and find a solution to problems.”

Other Choices

Dr. MGR Janaki University also introduced the same course by taking help from Dr. Kannan and their team. These three year of courses have theory and practical. Some of the courses which hs Anatomy and physiology, exercises and assessment of fitness and modifications in lifestyle.

Their are some interesting options in postgraduate courses that IISM offers, which are M.Sc Sports nutrition and Fitness . M.Sc sports fitness and psychology courses are equally vibrant. Here students will get wife range of subjects. They get to learn fitness psychology, exercises physiology, human anatomy and their interconnection. In practicals they get to know that how to prepare a diet plan for other . Which depends on their requirements and health.

Jobs Opportunities

After graduating, students can work in fitness academies like gymnasium, sports medicine centers, hospitals and one the best as a freelancer. Some are earning lakhs per annum as freelancer. They are on social media platforms where they get clients from across the world. Their hisher margin of income in freelancer as compared to other other job options.