Is too much exercises are dangerous? Impact of Physical Fitness on our Lifespan.

A new, study has find out that high level of physical activities can increase your lifespan . This one is especially for older people ,those are in their 70s.
We know that doing exercise daily has an effective impact on our health . For better physical and mental health we should do physical activities. Is there anything like TOO MUCH EXERCISE ? Newly published researches have something to say.

They say that doing exercises daily for 90 minutes are helpful and keeps your mental health on the top . But over this everything is going to be worse ,even your mental health. Some study says that extreme level of exercises can even out the bad impact on your cardiovascular system. One study found that athletes and men who are engaged with sport have higher level of calcification in their blood.

So, Cleveland Clinic in Ohio conducted a research by their experienced researchers to examine that is there any relation between the extreme level of exercises and the lifespan of the individual .
The team leader was Dr. Wael Jaber who is a cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic to analyze the relationship between the lifespan and aerobics fitness in over 122 thousand individuals.

Dr. Kyle Mandsager who is the electrophysiology fellow said that “We were particularly interested in the relationship between extremely high fitness and mortality,”



High level of physical activity prolong life

This study took 13 years of time and over 122 thousands of volunteers. Dr. Jaber and his team studied the outcome from these large number of volunteers who took part in this exercise treadmill testing from 1 January 1992 to 21 December 2014.

They made the group of individuals by age and sex matched cardiorespiratory fitness group. They set the level of exercises like low performance, below average, above average and high . They checked the aerobic fitness by taking test on stress administration. There was a group called elite group. They have the level of athletes and they scored around 97.7th percentile and above.

They adjusted lifespan according to their sex, and Body mass index (BMI) and they considered their medication as well. The researchers said they “We were particularly interested in the relationship between extremely high fitness and mortality,” People who were aged more than 70 years . People who are 70 above have better chances of survival.
Poor aerobic fitness can be a reason for the early death same as smoking, diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

Researchers also concluded that “Cardiorespiratory fitness is a modifiable indicator of long-term mortality, and healthcare professionals should encourage patients to achieve and maintain high levels of fitness.”
The study finally conclude that aerobics fitness is the thing which people can actually control. And the study also showed that there no such thing like “Too Much Exercise” even we cannot define it.

So, it is very important to everyone to achieve their high fitness level for better rate of survival especially for older people.