Is too much exercises are dangerous? Impact of Physical Fitness on our Lifespan.

A new, study has find out that high level of physical activities can increase your lifespan . This one is especially for older people ,those are in their 70s.
We know that doing exercise daily has an effective impact on our health . For better physical and mental health we should do physical activities. Is there anything like TOO MUCH EXERCISE ? Newly published researches have something to say.

They say that doing exercises daily for 90 minutes are helpful and keeps your mental health on the top . But over this everything is going to be worse ,even your mental health. Some study says that extreme level of exercises can even out the bad impact on your cardiovascular system. One study found that athletes and men who are engaged with sport have higher level of calcification in their blood.

So, Cleveland Clinic in Ohio conducted a research by their experienced researchers to examine that is there any relation between the extreme level of exercises and the lifespan of the individual .
The team leader was Dr. Wael Jaber who is a cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic to analyze the relationship between the lifespan and aerobics fitness in over 122 thousand individuals.

Dr. Kyle Mandsager who is the electrophysiology fellow said that “We were particularly interested in the relationship between extremely high fitness and mortality,”



High level of physical activity prolong life

This study took 13 years of time and over 122 thousands of volunteers. Dr. Jaber and his team studied the outcome from these large number of volunteers who took part in this exercise treadmill testing from 1 January 1992 to 21 December 2014.

They made the group of individuals by age and sex matched cardiorespiratory fitness group. They set the level of exercises like low performance, below average, above average and high . They checked the aerobic fitness by taking test on stress administration. There was a group called elite group. They have the level of athletes and they scored around 97.7th percentile and above.

They adjusted lifespan according to their sex, and Body mass index (BMI) and they considered their medication as well. The researchers said they “We were particularly interested in the relationship between extremely high fitness and mortality,” People who were aged more than 70 years . People who are 70 above have better chances of survival.
Poor aerobic fitness can be a reason for the early death same as smoking, diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

Researchers also concluded that “Cardiorespiratory fitness is a modifiable indicator of long-term mortality, and healthcare professionals should encourage patients to achieve and maintain high levels of fitness.”
The study finally conclude that aerobics fitness is the thing which people can actually control. And the study also showed that there no such thing like “Too Much Exercise” even we cannot define it.

So, it is very important to everyone to achieve their high fitness level for better rate of survival especially for older people.…

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The Importance of physical Fitness

Physical activities or exercises can improve your health quality. It reduces the risk of getting most of the disease like type 2 diabetes, asthma, cancers and cardiovascular disease. These physical activities put immediate and long term health benefits on our body . Just give 30 minutes to your health from your daily working regime.

Impacts and benefits of regular physical exercises

It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease like heart attacks and cardiac arrest. It reduces the level of bad cholesterol in your baody . It manages your blood sugar level which discard the chances of having type2 diabetes. It manages your weight . You can maintain your healthy weight very easily. It makes your bones stronger and reduce the risk of bone related problems like osteoporosis.

Healthy Mind

Many researches have shown that the physical activities boost the power of our brain. It helps people to fight back their depression. It enhance the cognitive function of brain and enhance decision making ability . Physical activities improve your sleeping pattern which indirectly improve the mental health. During physical activities or exercises brain releases some hormones like serotonin, endorphins and stress hormones after which we feel very calm and subtle.

30 minutes a day

To maintain the health and for reducing the risk for disease you have to make a proper time for your Fitness regime. So, it very important to give just 30 minutes a day to your health.

Recommendation for Physical Activities

It is said that it is good to do some physical activity than doing none. So, if you are not doing any physical activity than start to do so ,not the heavy just few . Doing it daily will encourage you to reach onto next level. Try to be active everyday. Do muscle building activities twice a week .

How to increase physical activities

There some simple ways by which you can increase the physical activity in your daily life. So, you just have to make some new changes such as walking more, cycling for some days, taking stairs instead of lift. Left your home little bit earlier so that you could find some more time for walking. These are the some few changes that you have to make in your daily routine.

10,000 steps a day!

Walking daily is the best way to maintain your health. Walking daily reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease like heart attacks, diabetes and depression. It is often said that we should walk at least 10,000 steps a day. Which is relevant to the health benefits of waking.

Say Hi to your doctor

It is good to talk to your doctor before you start you physical activities. So, remember that if your age is 45 than you should talk first. Because physical activities gives pain which can be harmful for you. If you have heart disease or blood pressure problem than you should consult your doctor first. Same for the pregnant lady , they also have to talk to their doctor first.…

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The New Definition Of Exercise

The lifestyle of this modern era in which everything is fast from a cellphone to internet. Even our food is fast as well. The sugary drinks,dizzy lifestyle. In all these , finally the word Fittnes has one again resufarced itself. As the datas are showing that obesity has increased a lot at the same time on the other hand people are becoming health and fitness conscious. Spontaneously, this fitness orientation has open the new opportunities and fields for those who have interest and have knowledge in this field .

Many colleges across the country are giving these courses which is destroying the myths that fitness is just about going gym for muscle building , weight loss or for showoff , to keep you away from disease. But now from starting students have taught that fitness is a way to live your life healthy or this is the way for sustainable life.

One of the institutions who is providing the courses related to this field , is the Indian Institute of Sports Medicine (IISM) which is founded by Dr. Kannan Pugazhendi in Chennai. He was a sport physician. It affiliated to the Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Janaki University, the institute hs introduced the needed course in for this field in very short time period.

“Disturbing figures of lifestyle disease population in urban and rural was the single foremost reason for IISM to establish these courses,” said Dr. Kannan. “Inappropriate medical and surgical interventions are avoided by the IISM professionals, and continue to produce desirable results in the same field through optimal exercise intervention.” he added.

Sujatha Pugazhendi who is the managing trustee of IISM said “A few years ago, people assumed that only sports-related injuries would warrant a visit to a doctor specialising in sports medicine. Today, due to awareness, people understand that sports medical practitioners cater to everyone — anyone who is engaged in any physical activity can visit such practitioners and find a solution to problems.”

Other Choices

Dr. MGR Janaki University also introduced the same course by taking help from Dr. Kannan and their team. These three year of courses have theory and practical. Some of the courses which hs Anatomy and physiology, exercises and assessment of fitness and modifications in lifestyle.

Their are some interesting options in postgraduate courses that IISM offers, which are M.Sc Sports nutrition and Fitness . M.Sc sports fitness and psychology courses are equally vibrant. Here students will get wife range of subjects. They get to learn fitness psychology, exercises physiology, human anatomy and their interconnection. In practicals they get to know that how to prepare a diet plan for other . Which depends on their requirements and health.

Jobs Opportunities

After graduating, students can work in fitness academies like gymnasium, sports medicine centers, hospitals and one the best as a freelancer. Some are earning lakhs per annum as freelancer. They are on social media platforms where they get clients from across the world. Their hisher margin of income in freelancer as compared to other other job options.…

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